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Do you already have a name that you commonly use to refer to the district highlighted in red, or do you have an idea for a new name for this neighborhood? Post your ideas below!

East Clive
Harbach Heights
Clivey McCliveface
Swanson East Clive Clive Junction
Classic Clive
Harbach Heights because Harbach was one of the two original streets in Clive. Also, Harbach runs almost straight through the middle of the entire area!
The Crest
East Clive
Classic Clive, Crestwood neighborhood
The Falls - coined from the Greenbelt Master Plan
Harbach Heights
el vecindario
Old Clive
Historic Clive
Clive City Center, Downtown Clive, Historic Clive Road District.
I say "East side/edge of Clive" when giving directions to my house. East Clive, Original Clive, Clive Road, Historic Clive, Clive Crossroads (4 major -- 86th St & Univ Ave & Univ Blvd is the most historic crossroad, 73rd & University (site of the Moonlight Inn Speakeasy Ronald Reagan frequented), 86th & Hickman (Dahls, drive-in theatre, Fischer gas station), 86th/22nd & University; Walnut Creek (North Walnut Creek is half of the eastern border of Clive, plus Walnut Creek in the SW corner of our district). The "neighborhoods" are already named -- Walnut Creek Heights, Primrose Park, etc. named by developers / platting / precinct and such. The only alternatives I came up with: zone, area, region, district, "neck of the woods". Thank you for the opportunity for citizen input!
The Valley of Clive
The Hills of Clive
Primrose Park

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