Planning for the future of the 86th Street Neighborhoods

The City of Clive has completed a plan for the 86th Street Neighborhoods to guide the City’s policies, regulations, and capital investment. The planning process started during 2020 and continued through the adoption of the plan by City Council on September 8, 2022. The plan provides a 20-year vision for the neighborhood, which includes a combination of public and private led improvements. Now that the plan has been adopted, work on implementation begins.

The process involved many community conversations related to shaping the future of the neighborhood. Several key issues that came up during these conversations were:

  • Increasing commercial and residential real estate values.
  • Preserving and enhancing existing neighborhood character.
  • Creating resilient flood mitigation strategies for the neighborhoods.
  • Expansion of pedestrian and bicycle networks for better connectivity to the Greenbelt Trail.
  • Reinvestments and improvements within the Linnan Park area.
  • Bringing new life and value to the neighborhoods while protecting the affordability and diversity that make the neighborhoods unique.
  • Finding the shared identity of the neighborhood, and establishing a vision on how to achieve success.

The COVID 19 pandemic influenced (and continues to influence) not only planning processes but the many aspects of neighborhood development and interaction. Much of the community engagement occurred through on-line interactions and direct mail sent to all property owners, tenants, and businesses within the neighborhood. A project website and series of virtual surveys and forums were used to solicit information from the community to help understand the wants and needs of the neighborhood. Using the public input received, a series of concepts and ideas were explored that responded to the issues and opportunities raised through the planning process.

Following the initial public engagement and creation of draft concepts and ideas, the City  hosted an in-person open house at Linnan Park on August 9, 2021. With the additional public input received at the open house, the planning team proceed with refining the concepts and ideas, and drafting the neighborhood plan. The draft 86th Street Neighborhoods Plan was available on the project website for public comment during June 2022. Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council discussed the draft plan, recommendations, and implementation during public meetings held in May through August, 2022. The final 86th Street Neighborhoods Plan was considered by the Planning and Zoning Commission, which unanimously recommended approval, at their meeting on September 1, 2022. City Council voted to adopt the neighborhood plan at their meeting on September 8, 2022.

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