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Before we can fully develop plans for the future, it’s important to understand the history, background, and issues that exist in the District today. Click on the StoryMap links below to explore and learn about the District and understand the topics that influence the planning and future of the area.  At the end of each StoryMap, you’re invited to respond to a question or share your thoughts and ideas about the topic. New topics will be released over the next few months, so check back here for the latest in the series!

Introduction to 86th Street Neighborhoods

Learn about the location and study the area boundary, the plan purpose and anticipated outcomes, and some quick facts about the area. What do you find unique, interesting, or noteworthy about the District?
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Topic 1: Land Use, Zoning and Property

Learn about land uses, zoning, and other issues related to properties in this section. How can we re-invest in properties and public infrastructure to enhance use, densities, and values in the District?
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Topic 2: Residential Neighborhoods

Learn about residential areas, housing types, conditions, homeownership, and rental housing in the 86th Street Neighborhoods. How can we improve the neighborhood’s housing options?
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Topic 3: Public Open Space and Connectivity

Learn about parks, public open space, community destinations and how they are all connected today with trails and sidewalks. How can we improve these connections and experiences throughout the District?
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Topic 4: Linnan Park

Linnan Park serves an important role in the District as a means of recreation and gathering. Learn about the features that exist today, previous planning efforts, and upcoming improvements to be completed in 2021. Share your ideas about the future of this park, as well as the future of the adjacent Dymond Public Safety Center.
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Topic 5: Equity and Engagement

Learn about the community characteristics (demographics), community organizations, and access to services within the 86th Street Neighborhoods. How can we create an environment that is inclusive, equitable, and celebrates the diversity and culture of the District?
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Topic 6: Commercial Corridors

Coming soon!Learn about the background of the five commercial corridors throughout the 86thStreet Neighborhoods. How can we enhance and redevelop properties and public infrastructure to create financially viable, convenient, attractive and complementary corridors?
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Topic 7: Flooding and Resiliency

Learn about flooding in the area, the Flood Prone Property Buyout Program and flood mitigation strategies. How can we create a District that is resilient to flood risks?
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